so i have an idea….

i think that everyone here on tumblr who goes who to NAU should all have a little shindig, because i’m convinced that people on here are at least 10x cooler than those who aren’t…just sayin 

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    I don’t want to see this dream die! How would everyone feel about meeting up at on of the free hunger games screenings,...
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    for sure! will do… hopefully something will happen soon
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    fill me in with details about when this is happening!
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    Awesome idea
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    South Campus, The Suites to be exact… & technically we’re not supposed to have more than 10 “guests” at a time but if...
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    Where do you live?
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  9. beekita said: I would love this
  10. lezbefriendsyay said: I wouldn’t be surprised if people on tumblr who go to nau have seen me around campus!
  11. bnj97 said: Yes plz!
  12. welcome2myadventure said: Let’s do it! I know how it is moving to a new place =)